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Jordi AG

The facts

Location Aarburg (CH)
Sector Metalworking & metal construction
Dust Reduction Up to 65 %
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A healthy working environment is just as important to us as the quality of our work. Thanks to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we have been able to improve not just one of these things, but both.

Daniel Jordi, Managing Director


Jordi's journey to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions began with a tower ventilation unit from a market competitor that was no longer delivering the desired results. An upgrade from the relevant manufacturer would have been expensive. So expensive, in fact, that the company set out to find a suitable alternative. One that could cope with the fumes from the welding work and protect the employees, while also offering an attractive price model.


Jordi first became aware of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions through a trade magazine. Today, the company is happy about this coincidence. Since 2021, the metalworking company has enjoyed a reduction in dust and welding fumes of up to 65 %.

The improved air purification not only increases the wellbeing and productivity of the team, but also strengthens Jordi's image. Visitors, such as customers and architects, experience a clean, healthy working environment that underpins the company's commitment to quality and employee well-being.

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