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iSi GmbH

The facts

Location Vienna (AT)
Sector Metal processing
Dust Reduction 83 %
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Every employee should go home as healthy as when they came to work. The implementation of air purification systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has provided significant improvements for the health of our employees and the quality of our products.

Thomas Zeleny, Head of Operations


iSi was faced with a challenge that’s common in the industry, but nevertheless a major one. Cooling lubricant that vaporised during the production of the cream charger and gas pressure cylinders and thereby produced dense aerosol mists. Depending on the time of year and time of day, these were even visible to the naked eye.

Thomas Zeleny, Head of Operations at iSi, recognised this problem immediately during an internal audit. Despite the fact that the effects were well within the legal framework, it was clear to iSi that there was a need for action.


To the delight of the employees, the air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions led to an overall reduction in fine dust pollution of no less than 83 %. This improvement in air quality not only benefits them but also contributes to more efficient production, thus strengthening iSi's leading position in the industry. By installing the air purification systems, the company has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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