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The facts

Location Ried im Taunkreis (AT)
Sector Metalworking
Dust Reduction Up to 81 %
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Our goal is to deliver first-class quality while providing a clean, healthy working environment for our employees. We were able to achieve this thanks to the air cleaning systems from Zehnder. Our employees instantly noticed the difference. I can certainly recommend these units.

Walter Zwicklhuber, Owner and Managing Director


GEWA Blechtechnik GmbH is a leading contract manufacturer in the metal industry in Austria. The company produces a broad range of metal components that are lasercut, stamped, edged and welded. The manual workshop and welding shop are full of oil vapours, dust and welding fumes, which can be detected in the form of metallic odours, a build-up of particles and visible mist. The managers at GEWA Blechtechnik wanted to change this situation. The goal was to implement measures designed to create a healthier working environment and significantly improve the general level of cleanliness and quality.


Thanks to solutions from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the particulate matter load has been reduced by an average of 81% in the manual workshop and an average of 72 % in the welding shop. The metallic odour disappeared immediately after commissioning. What’s more, the units take care of air circulation, creating a pleasant indoor climate that is especially welcome on hot days. The amount of cleaning required has also been reduced substantially, as there is significantly less build-up of dust on the floor and on the machines.

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