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The facts

Location Raaba (AT)
Sector Reinforcement and industrial mesh
Dust Reduction Up to 91 %
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Our priority is to create a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. With the introduction of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we have taken a decisive step towards even better air quality. Consequently, we’ve been able to significantly improve the satisfaction and occupational health and safety of our workforce.

Peter Maritschnigg, plant manager


EVG has always attached great importance to a clean production environment. "It’s a must, especially in mechanical engineering," says Peter Maritschnigg. However, when the company expanded its production area, the plant manager realised that it had become increasingly difficult to maintain cleanliness and air purification.

Importantly, EVG wanted to do more than necessary to offer its employees a working environment that protects their health. The goal was to not only meet the legal requirements for air quality but exceed them.


The installation of the Zehnder air purifiers led to a significant reduction in dust particles, up to 91 % in mechanical production and 45 % in the welding shop. The employees have also noticed a tangible improvement in air quality, which has not only had a positive effect on their health but on their job satisfaction and general productivity. Meaning EVG has been able to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and employee well-being.

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