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Abena GmbH

The facts

Location Zörbig (DE)
Sector Manufacturer and supplier of hygiene and health products
Dust Reduction 20 - 25 kg annually
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We believe in supporting our employees’ wellbeing through proper hygiene. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has noticeably given us back this sense of well-being through the appropriate management of dust and other suspended particles in the warehouse.

Jens Mertens, Managing Director


Dust is a common problem in the logistics industry. As a result, even before working with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, Abena GmbH had already taken a number of precautionary measures to counteract the problem. But Abena was certain there was more to be done; despite many good measures, employees were still noticing dust on the products in the warehouse. Abena wanted to eliminate this problem without having to rely on daily basic cleaning.


Since Abena began working with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the air in the warehouse has become so clean that daily warehouse cleaning is no longer necessary. Where previously damp wiping was done every day, it is now sufficient to wipe twice a week. Stored products hardly need to be dusted before despatch. And employees across the board notice that the air has improved.

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