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The value of commercial air cleaning for factory workers

From processing materials to handling goods, you take on a lot of strenuous tasks as a factory worker, and your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients is heightened. That's why you deserve to work in an environment that values clean air and prioritises your health.

Why your employer has prioritised commercial air cleaning

As a factory worker, you spend most of your day working in an enclosed space, and this can have more of an impact on your health than you think. You may have come home from work with dirt or dust on your clothes… maybe you’ve noticed that you seem to catch more coughs and colds… or you might have even had difficulty breathing at some point. All of this can take its toll – causing short-term problems like skin irritation and allergies, and long-term health concerns like respiratory illnesses and even cancer. It’s clear that the impact on your health and overall wellbeing can be huge.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand the significance of commercial air cleaning and learn why clean air is important to positively impact you and your colleagues every day.

What makes Zehnder the ideal choice for commercial air cleaning?

At Zehnder, we truly care about our role in creating happy and healthy workplaces – and how this in turn contributes to minimising waste and emissions in the wider environment. We take your air as seriously as we do our own, and we make it our mission to ensure your workplace has a clean air solution that’s uniquely suited to your requirements.  

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The pollutants we remove to help you work safely

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How we clean the air you breathe

Our air cleaning units have multiple filters that efficiently remove various types of air pollution without clogging. From ultra-fine particles to coarse dust, our filters ensure thorough air purification before releasing clean air at the top. Want to see smart technology in action?

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Minimising air pollution: Your part in the clean air movement

Leave the unit to its job

Don’t push buttons, move deflectors or re-position floor standing units – they’re set up this way for a reason!

Don’t unplug units

Unplugging units impacts their whole performance and means you’re putting your health – and the health of your colleagues – at risk.

Educate others

Spreading the word of the importance of clean air is a great way to make sure the whole team understands how our units work and the rules surrounding their use.

What are the benefits of clean air to you?

It improves your healthYou’ll notice the difference in your health and general wellbeing when your employer puts clean air first – both in the short-term and the long-term.
It means less cleaning workThere’ll be much less dust left behind on surfaces and equipment, so you can save time on keeping the factory looking clean and tidy.
It improves business imageBy prioritising clean air and employee wellbeing, your workplace will be looking upon more favourably from an outside perspective – and it’ll be somewhere that you’re proud to work.
Less chance of broken equipmentWhen the equipment you use is regularly exposed to dust, you can see more breakdowns that stop you from doing your job.
It provides a better working environmentClean air is not only better for your health, it provides a more comfortable working environment all-round – and important factor for somewhere you spend a lot of your day!
You’ll produce better quality productsWhen your machines are working at their best, it’ll show in the quality of the products you produce, meaning less returns and happier customer. Healthy business = healthy profits!

Got an issue? Let us clear the air.

If your filters have you flummoxed, your sensors aren’t making sense, or your air filter isn’t working at its best, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at cleanairservices@zehnder.co.uk or 01276 605800 – we’re always happy to clear things up.

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Clean air is the secret to creating better workplaces

Discover how our clean air solutions are contributing to healthier, happier teams and safer environments.

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