automating warehouse cleaning in logistics sector with clean air

How much ROI could you get by automating warehouse cleaning?

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The smartest businesses in transportation and logistics are already automating all kinds of processes. So why wouldn’t you automate your warehouse cleaning too? All it takes is an innovative air purification system from Zehnder.
Does clean air really increase your ROI? Clean air expert Aaron explains just how clean air is a key factor in increasing your ROI, and which areas are the most impacted.

Why should I automate my warehouse cleaning?

Today’s warehouses are anything but traditional

The warehouse of the future is already a reality today. In all sectors of the logistics industry, businesses are having to be smarter, faster, and more reliable than ever in order to fulfil consumer demands – with many using smart technology, IT and automation to keep up. 

Dust can slow down your automated processes

The dust and fumes produced by busy materials handling equipment and endless cardboard boxes can be a real spanner in the works for both new tech and old. It's clogging machinery, blocking the sensors your automated tech relies on, and causing the kind of downtime your fast-paced warehouse really can’t afford. 

Automated cleaning saves time and money

Our industrial clean air solutions absorb all the excess dust in your warehouse, so your cleaners don’t have to. Reducing dust by up to 80 %  and saving up to 70 % on your cleaning costs. And that’s before you factor in the benefits of fewer returns, fines, and complaints from customers about dusty products.

"Results showed that the average number of dust-borne microorganisms capable of reproduction was 15.5 germs per measurement. Regional regulations are that they should not exceed 200. So, if the low level is maintained, it's no longer a requirement for us to have a roof on our picking station for sterile goods – a potential saving of £46,000 - 70,000."

– Mark Wolter, DKI Logistics (member of Rhenus logistics)

Cut out the hidden cost of cleaning like this logistics giant

We recently installed four air purification units in a specific area of warehouse, for a major player in the logistics industry. Less dust meant less cleaning time for their staff, and within six months, for every £1 they spent on industrial air cleaning, they saved ten times that on cleaning costs: 

infographic cleaning activity
infographic productivity

Save time on cleaning to make productivity gains

Are your staff required to clean their own workstations after a shift? Well, what if they could be doing more productive work instead, earning your business more revenue? We’ve put together the below example from a steel factory, to show how saving time on cleaning could really make a difference to their bottom line...

3 hidden costs you might not have thought of…

Excess requirements for high level cleaning
Actions as a result of failed audits and customer complaintss
Customer returns due to poor product quality

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You automate your processes. We automate your cleaning.

As industrial innovators ourselves, we understand what you need the warehouse of the future to look like.  

That’s why we build tailored clean air solutions around you: to help you get to a slicker, more productive future, faster.  

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