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industrial dust extractor

Industrial dust extractors for efficient dust removal

Though not glamorous, industrial dust extractors are the workhorses of industrial manufacturing, ensuring to keep your facility clean and safe from industrial dust.

What harm does industrial dust do?

Industrial dust, also referred to as process dust, is a significant form of pollution that emerges during various manufacturing and production processes. Its impact on the environment is profoundly detrimental, but the dangers extend beyond that. When inhaled or in contact with the skin, this dust can pose severe health risks. Prolonged exposure to these particles can even lead to the development of lung cancer, making it a grave concern.

What makes matters worse is that some of these dust particles are so minuscule that they bypass common symptoms, entering the bloodstream directly. This can result in a range of alarming effects, including nausea, loss of balance, and other symptoms typically associated with poisoning. It is crucial to raise awareness about the hidden dangers of industrial dust and take necessary measures to protect ourselves and the environment.

Industrial dust extractors to suit you

At Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we understand that the air you breathe is crucial to the success of your business. That's why we're dedicated to providing high-performance industrial dust extractors, specifically designed to maintain a clean and compliant atmosphere in your factory. With our CleanAir and CleanAir Max systems, we offer the perfect solutions to tackle your company's unique industrial dust challenges. Combining our expertise and innovative technology, we are the go-to experts in industrial airborne dust removal.

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It's so much more than just your air

Our industrial dust extractors embody more than mere machinery; they're guardians of your workspace, devoted to extracting harmful particles and fumes with precision. They're not just collectors, they're purifiers — transforming your environment and clearing the path towards pure, productive air. With our dust extractors, breathing becomes effortless as we take care of everything, including maintenance and filter changes, to ensure utmost cleanliness of the air.

You will be protected against the following particles:

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What are the benefits of our industrial dust extractors?

Robust efficiency

Our systems not only meet and surpass industry standards but are also designed to withstand heavy-duty operations without compromising efficiency or robustness.

Cutting-edge technology

Bid farewell to constant maintenance concerns and welcome industrial dust removal systems that work their hardest when you need them the most.

Personalised fit

Your factory layout is unique, and so should your industrial dust extractors be. We customise to suit your requirements.

Your industry, our dust extraction expertise
Your first step towards a cleaner, safer and happier workplace: Discover an industrial dust removal solution designed with your business in mind. 
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