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CleanAir Max: a new level of industrial air purification

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CleanAir Max: a new level of industrial air purification

The value of clean air to your business

Healthier, more productive employees

Whether it’s a seasonal cold and flu bug or something more serious, air pollution leads to all kinds of illnesses. Purification helps keep your employees healthy to reduce sick days, ultimately making your business more productive.

A squeaky clean corporate image

Cleaner air doesn’t just mean less cleaning needed around the workplace – it shows everyone that you care about your staff. This all adds up to a glowing corporate image, which plays a huge role in customer and employee acquisition.

Savings on maintenance costs

The dust and dirt particles in the air eventually land on the sensors and circuit boards of your machines, which has a serious impact on their lifespan. Industrial air purification helps filter these harmful particles out of the air to keep all your equipment running smoothly.

financial benefits of clean air

Clean air pays off

Fewer costs, greater productivity. That’s exactly what you get from the Zehnder CleanAir Max.

30 %reduction in maintenance costs
50 % reduction in sick leave
70 %reduction in cleaning costs
10 %reduction in machine downtime
30 %reduction in energy costs

Say hello to CARA: the smarter air purifier

CARA – otherwise known as Clean Air Remote Application – is the brains behind Zehnder CleanAir Max. An innovation in purification, CARA’s features include:

The All-in-One dashboardEverything you need to know about your device, right at your fingertips. Stay up to date with all the vital statistics including how much air you’ve purified, the amount of electricity you’re consuming and the clean air delivery rate.
Real-time monitoringA set of built-in, individually placeable sensors track changes in your air quality – and identify opportunities for optimisation. It’s an essential feature designed to help you minimise energy usage wherever possible.
Automatic adaptationCARA gets to know your working environment to automatically adapt to changes – pinpointing saving opportunities while keeping air quality at its highest.

Trust Zehnder CleanAir Max to achieve the purest air possible

Too good to be true?

The Zehnder CleanAir Max is a smart air purifier that shines with intelligent features. CARA allows you to monitor your air quality in real time from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

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modular air purification system cleanair max

Fits in any space

No space? No problem! With it’s clever modular design, the Zehnder CleanAir Max is versatile enough to fit in any room – and boasts endless filter combinations to take care of dust and pollutants in any environment. It’s a real all rounder.

Strong, stable and efficient:

Zehnder CleanAir Max is fully equipped with highly efficient filters and powerful motors and fans – giving you even distribution and a high Clean Air Delivery Rate. Plus, everything is housed in a solid, sturdy casing for long-lasting durability.

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Whatever industry you work in, get in touch to discover how industrial air purification will add value to your business.
Smarter air, smarter business.  
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