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The dangerous truth about welding fume – and why you need a zero-tolerance approach

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Conventional welding fume extraction on its own is not enough to protect workers’ health. Why? Our air quality measurements show that welding fumes spread around the entire factory – with the result that some workers outside the welding shop are twice as much at risk as the welders themselves. We call this “pedestrianism”.

Welding fume – the health risks

Many companies try to control welding fume with spot extraction systems (LEV), cleaning and welding curtains. But all these conventional precautions offer only moderate protection from harmful fumes and the illnesses they cause.

Only a zero-tolerance approach will ensure proper protection of your whole workforce. This means collecting all welding fumes at source – and before they spread around the entire factory.

Fall short of this approach and your workers risk illnesses such as asthma, metal fume fever (also known as welding shivers), the lung disease pneumoconiosis, and even cancer.

As if this were not enough – did you know that standard LEV extraction systems pollute the environment when they blow the fumes outside?

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dangers of welding fume

Why is welding fume so dangerous?

The dangers from welding fumes are many and varied. These health risks (including lung disease and cancer) are mainly down to your limited options for controlling fumes, and the inefficiency of conventional welding fume extraction systems.

Getting rid of welding fume – a necessity, not a luxury

The smoke produced during welding is a mixture of harmful vapours and tiny dust particles. Welding fume contains what are known as “fine” and “ultrafine” particles. Some of these are so small they are particularly dangerous to anyone breathing them in, because they can travel from your lungs into your bloodstream and other parts of the body.

Did you know it is nearly 10 times healthier to spend the day exposed to the dirt and exhaust fumes of a big city like London, than to be on the welding factory floor?

So what should you do about this? Check out our free guide for useful tips and solutions – you’re just a few clicks away.

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Welding produces over 20 times more harmful dust than you’ll find in the centre of a large city like London – even if you’re using LEV.

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welding fume extraction with industrial air purification

How safe is LEV?

Typical LEV extraction systems on their own are often not powerful enough to remove all welding fumes. Sometimes workers do not switch them on if the job is very small. As a result, welding fume can quickly spread through the entire factory, endangering your entire workforce.

The “pedestrian” phenomenon: double health hazard for people without PPE than for welders

We’ve crunched the numbers and found some shocking facts. Our air quality measurements reveal that the concentration of welding fumes is actually higher away from where the welding takes place.

We found that unprotected staff working elsewhere in the factory, or walking from one area to another, can be exposed to twice as much harmful pollution as the welders themselves.

We call this phenomenon “pedestrianism”. It means, when you boil it down, that some unprotected workers would be safer standing right next to a welder than working – or walking – nearby.

Welding fumes – the health facts

Hazardous gases

According to the HSE, welding can produce hazardous gases including nitrous oxides and ozone.

Breathing in welding fumes

The HSE estimates that 40 - 50 welders are hospitalised each year in the UK after breathing in metal fume at work.


Welders are at an increased risk of developing pneumococcal pneumonia. About two welders a year die of pneumonia.

Airway irritation

Gases and fine particles in welding fume can cause dryness of the throat, coughing or tightness in the chest.


Exposure to any welding fume can cause lung cancer. It is estimated that 152 of the UK’s 200,000 welders die each year from work-related cancer.


According to the HSE, nine welders a year get asthma so severely that they can no longer work and need to claim benefits.

Protect your business – from disputes and more

Let’s not beat about the bush: bad air quality at work can have dire consequences for your business.

Poor air quality can lead to employee complaints, more absences and more frequent staff turnover. If this happens, your company’s reputation is going to suffer too.

And don’t forget the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE says it will no longer accept any welding “undertaken without any suitable exposure control measures in place”.

If inspections show your business is not complying with tough regulations designed to protect workers, the HSE will have something to say about it and has the right to prosecute.

This is in addition to possible claims from staff who are able to show their working environment falls short of required standards and has caused them health problems.

In other words you need to demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to welding fume and are not just ticking boxes. Read our free guide to understanding the dangers of welding fume and the best ways to deal with it.

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What the welders say – three businesses using Zehnder air cleaners to keep pollution under control

“Since the installation I have noticed a considerable improvement in the visual quality of the air, over all areas of the factory. And according to a recent report, annual readings of our indoor air quality is approximately 60 % cleaner than the pre-installation readings.”

Kate Burgess, Aerofab Fabrications Ltd

"The results of the dust measurements were a clear warning signal that we need to protect not only our facilities but especially our employees from the very high levels of air pollution. Shortly after installing the air purification systems, the air was much clearer and our employees gave us very positive feedback. Overall, we have much less dust on machines and equipment.”

Frank Schneider, Fischer Rohrtechnik GmbH

“The Zehnder team provide a very efficient and  responsive service. Our Account Manager talked us through our service and the results we gained, which we can then relay to the workforce to explain the benefits of the Zehnder system. All in all, a very effective service and a very good system that works. It’s a pleasure to work with Zehnder.”

Nick Dewa, SC4 UK Ltd

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The verdict? Only a comprehensive air cleaning system will give you proper protection

To ensure genuine protection for your workers, LEV fume extraction is often not enough. But LEV combined with an industrial air purification system puts you in a different league.

This combination is the mark of zero tolerance. It will thoroughly deal with welding fumes where they are produced and before they become a health risk not only to welders, but to other workers too.

And how do you do this? It’s simple really. We recommend our air purifiers because:

  • they are intelligent and able to adapt to changes in air quality at your factory
  • they can be customised to suit exactly what your business needs.

Your workers will repay you with satisfaction and loyalty. And your business can only get better. What’s not to love about this?

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The dangerous truth about welding fume – and why you need a zero-tolerance approach
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