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How to extend your forklift lifespan

The life of a forklift truck isn’t easy. They’re always on the go and usually operating in environments full of dust and dirt. This takes its toll on the lifespan of even the hardiest forklift, so here’s our guide to how to protect them and keep them running for longer.

forklift lifespan

Why do forklifts break down prematurely?

Factories and warehouses are too often workplaces where you can expect to find a lot of dust, which isn’t good for the health of the human employees or the machinery they need to operate. Forklifts are especially vulnerable because they’re moving around from production to storage to loading onto trucks. 

This means they can pick up dust from any of these places as well as generating plenty of their own dirt and dust through the abrasion of the tyres and wear and tear of the concrete floors. They release rubber particles and dangerous silica dust and also absorb it as it gets sucked up by the motor where it gathers and starts to cause internal issues. 

So what can you do to stop this happening?

How to extend the lifespan of your forklift fleet

Clearly you need to take precautions to stop your forklifts becoming full of dirt and dust to the point where they stop working. But you need to do more than just trying to clean them regularly, while cleaning the warehouses and factories is also no guarantee of success. 

Other options include a cyclonic air filter, an air intake system or installing engine guards, but they also don’t eliminate the cause of the dust problem. And that’s what your forklifts need you to do. 

And for that you need professional air purification. 

Cleaner air = longer forklift service life

Having issues with dust in your engines can add up to an expensive problem. It can slow down your productivity, which can have a knock-on effect on your customers and you can need to repair or replace your forklifts.  

This can all be avoided through an industrial air purification system, which can not only reduce dust and dirt in the air by up to 90 % but also lower your maintenance costs by around 30 %. 

Air purification from the market leader

Using our air purification solutions you can be joining major companies around the world and gaining advantages well beyond longer lifespans for your forklift trucks, including:  

  • Up to 50 % less sick leave 
  • Up to 70 % lower cleaning costs 
  • Around 10 % fewer machine failures 
  • Energy costs up to 30 % lower

So why not get in touch today to find out more?  

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