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Consequences of dust at work: How air pollution can damage health and your business

High levels of dust in the workplace can have plenty of negative consequences for your business and also for your employees. Here’s what you need to be aware of. 

dust at work industrial air purification

The consequences of dust for your company

Having a dusty workplace can bring a range of potential problems, some of which can be noticeable in the short term while others can present themselves more slowly. It can affect your workforce’s health, the performance of your company as a whole and can impact your customer relations, all of which are important. 

So what can you do about this? The only solution is to get rid of the dust, and you can’t hope to achieve this with a dustpan and brush, you need air purifiers, which can save you a lot of effort as well as removing the potential problems that dust can bring. And it’s a journey you can start today with the click of a button…. 

The 5 main consequences of dust in the workplace

1. Serious Health Risks 

Dust is far from a harmless nuisance. Pneumonia, asthma and other respiratory problems (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD for short) are just a few of the health risks your employees are exposed to if you don’t do anything about the dust. The consequences for you are a fall in performance levels, a rise in sick leave and absenteeism and a negative image as an employer that could make it hard to retain or hire staff. 

2. Rising operating costs

It isn’t just a risk to the health of the people in your business either. In the medium to long term, it can also affect the performance of your machines and systems, which you can try to keep under control through regular cleaning and maintenance, but this is an unnecessary cost with no guarantee orf success. The best way to remove the dust is with an air purifier. 

3. Unsatisfied customers

No customer wants to receive a dusty package, but it’s too easy for this to happen if your warehouse is caked with dust. It makes a bad impression on customers and will make them less likely to order from you in the future. It can be avoided through cleaning before items are shipped, but during hectic times, this can be missed, so it is better to prevent the dust gathering in the first place.

4. A bad reputation

Having employees who have fallen sick from dust or customers who are annoyed at their dusty packages has the risk of giving your business a reputation as one that doesn’t take the required amount of care. Much like the dust in your warehouse, a bad reputation will build up if it’s not addressed, and both can be improved with better management of the dust and air quality.

5. Failing to meet legal requirements

It’s crucial at the very least to make sure your workplace complies with legal standards when it comes to health and safety, but it’s also important to recognise that these are the minimum standards. To look avoid the consequences mentioned above, you need to be going above and beyond to prevent the problems that dust can cause. 

To summarise: bringing in a professional air purifier solution is the only way to avoid these consequences.

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