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Zehnder CleanAir: air purification systems to help every industry breathe easier

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How Zehnder air purification systems make a difference in your workplace

Why should my business invest in an air purification system?

To protect your people

Your employees are the driving force in your company, so obviously you want to do everything you can to keep them healthy. Our air purification systems reduce the risk of flu and cold systems and respiratory diseases, keeping all those coughs and colds at bay.

To reduce operating costs

Cleaner air means cleaner machines and a cleaner working environment – reducing the need for maintenance work and regular cleaning efforts. This all adds up to lower operational costs for your business.

To preserve your machinery

Dust in the air is so fine, it’s hard to see with the naked eye – but this invisible threat can bring entire machines to a standstill. Filtering it out of the air helps to protect the sensors and circuit boards of your systems to extend their lifespan, while helping you run a more sustainable operation.

financial benefits of clean air

Air purification systems deliver a difference you can measure

Lower costs and greater productivity – the benefits of air purification can’t be ignored.

30 %lower maintenance costs
50 %less sick leave
70 %reduction in cleaning costs
10 %reduction in machine downtime
30 %lower energy costs

High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Zehnder CleanAir delivers ultimate air purification power. With super-strength fans, outlets on all four sides and extremely efficient filters, it achieves the highest clean air delivery rates around. Plus, it’s fully programmable to meet the demands of your working environment. We’ll consult with you to find out about the different types of pollutants you encounter, then adjust the filter combination to create the right air cleaning solution. It’s adaptable to any company, in any industry.

high clean air delivery rate
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Plug in and breathe easier

With Plug-and-Play installation on Zehnder CleanAir, you‘ll just plug it in and it‘s ready to go. We’ll consult with you to find the best location to fit your unit for the highest level of protection – whether that’s on the floor, the wall or even the ceiling. Thanks to our flexible mounting options, nowhere is off limits.

Efficient and economical

Built with long-life filters, energy-saving motors, timer options and variable airflow, the Zehnder air purification system conserves resources to make it run at its most efficient. And on top of all this, it helps you create a more sustainable company. Zehnder CleanAir reduces your cleaning and operation costs, allowing you to devote your resources to more important things like maintaining essential machines, equipment and overall cleanliness.

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Zehnder exceeded our expectations from the very first measurements. We‘ve reduced the amount of particles in the air by up to 87 % by using their air purification system.

Mike Böing-Messing, Managing Director
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The CleanAir upgrade: introducing CARA

Keep track of your air quality with CARA – the all-new air purification app. Designed to give you even greater efficiency and control, our clean air app features:

The All-in-One Dashboard – Updates on performance, electricity use and volume of air cleaned all at your fingertips – as well as reports on all historical data.

Real-time monitoring – Live data allows you to keep an eye on workplace air quality at all times, allowing for constant optimisation based on the conditions, legal requirements and energy costs.

Intelligent air purification – the cutting-edge CARA technology reacts to changes in air quality and adjusts performance accordingly, anticipating changes and continually responding to them.

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