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Every breath we make – Ensuring healthy air for manufacturing

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Working together for a world without air pollution

Zehnder is working with environment charity Global Action Plan on a drive to bring better, healthier air to the manufacturing sector, one of the largest employers in the UK. We are part of a growing movement that brings together individuals and organisations leading the drive for clean air everywhere.

Poor air quality is the largest environmental health risk we face today, according to the World Health Organisation. It’s responsible for 36,000 deaths a year in the UK and affects the health of millions more. With the average employee spending around a third of their day at work, it’s therefore important to tackle air pollution in our factories, offices and other places of work – and to do it urgently.

Workplace limits are outdated

Our whitepaper presents a renewed case for tackling air pollution in manufacturing industry workplaces as workers continue to be exposed to unhealthy levels of airborne hazards and pollution.

In line with the renewed findings, the paper further outlines recommended actions for policy makers, regulators and manufacturers to protect the health of vulnerable workers in the sector.

If you would like to learn more about tackling air pollution in the workplace, watch the recording of our virtual seminar: Every Breath We Make – Ensuring Healthy Air for Manufacturing.

Air pollution in manufacturing – The facts

  • Nearly 3 million people are employed in manufacturing in the UK – and they can be exposed to higher levels of air pollution than homes and offices.
  • Air pollution can damage your lungs and increase blood pressure and heart-related problems. It can also make some existing health problems worse.
  • Studies have estimated that poor air quality contributes towards 19 % of all cardiovascular deaths and 29 % of all lung cancer deaths.
  • Health conditions that are caused or worsened by air pollution – such as asthma, heart disease and COPD - can also make a person more vulnerable to complications if they contract COVID-19.
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Good air quality is good for health and business

From food and drink to medical and pharma; from packaging and plastics to chemicals and cars – Zehnder’s research shows how clean air at work not only improves employee health, but business performance too.

Clean air Bitesize – your simple guides to the issues

Bitesize 1 : Air pollution in the workplace – the situation

Indoor air pollution remains at unacceptable levels in many industries, particularly manufacturing – damaging health, productivity and business. How do we address health and safety in a post-COVID-19 world?

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Bitesize 2: Air pollution in the workplace – health impact

Poor air quality can trigger asthma attacks and contributes to heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes and dementia. Read about the health impacts in stark detail – and the substances behind them.

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Bitesize 3: Air pollution in the workplace – regulation & enforcement

Regulations governing indoor air pollution are inadequate, and so is enforcement of the rules by an over-stretched system. The case for radically improving standards and compliance is crystal clear.

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Bitesize 4: Air pollution in the workplace – solutions

The business case for clean air at work, what companies and regulators need to do, and a blueprint for reducing exposure to hazards in industry.

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Why air cleaning works

Clean air helps ensure healthier workers. The manufacturing sector has improved – but could do better.

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