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Industrial air cleaner in front of a beautiful natural landscape with clean air

Start with clean air – Start with Zehnder

Air filtering solutions tailormade for you.

Making your business better by tackling air pollution at work

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is the largest air cleaning company in the world, with decades of experience and unrivalled expertise. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with customers, listening carefully to their needs and working closely together on solutions. By doing this our industrial air purifiers are transforming the working environment and improving the health of people and performance of businesses everywhere.

Clean air in industrial workplaces is good for your health and good for business too. Start with clean air.

Industrial air cleaner absorbing particles and letting out clean air

The secret of our air cleaning units

Zehnder’s air cleaning units are one of the reasons we have thousands of satisfied customers around the world. So what makes them so special?

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Benefits of clean air

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