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Bottling of medial and pharma products in a cleanroom

Industrial air cleaning for medical and pharma businesses

Where hygiene is key to a healthy business.

How clean air can work for you

In medical and pharma you can’t cut corners, and clean air is an essential requirement – in some cases, such as drug manufacture, it’s a matter of life and death. Consistency and high quality are much valued in this competitive sector, and that starts with keeping things free from contamination.

Many companies need to go one step further and have sterile cleanrooms for making and storing their products. We work all around the world with businesses involved in healthcare, so have the expertise to design or upgrade your cleanroom equipment. In some cases, our ➥ air purification systems could offer you a cost-effective alternative. 

Clean air in the workplace – The benefits

Exceeding customer expectations

Our ➥ air cleaning units will help you achive consistent, high-quality and spotlessly clean products to impress your customers.

Next-level efficiency

Clean air helps prolong the life of the valuable, precision devices – reducing maintenance as well as cleaning costs.

Stand apart from the competition

Companies which turn to our proven expertise see improvements in productivity, product quality, efficiency and reputation. 

Quality control

Clean air helps you maintain the consistent standards, as it reduces the risk of dust and dirt contaminating your products.


Improved corporate image

Remove dust before it settles – and project a spotless image to employees, customers and visitors too.

70 % reduced cleaning costs

You can get rid of dust through expensive cleaning contracts, or you can save time and money with one of our many air cleaning solutions

How you save money with industrial air cleaning

Check out the typical financial benefits of clean air.

30 %

Reduced maintenance

50 %

Reduced sick leave

70 %

Reduced cleaning costs

10 %

Reduced downtime

30 %

Reduced heating costs

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* The savings amount is made up of the savings potential for the cleaning service. Save up to 40% of cleaning costs with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

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