Voor meer informatie over het belang van schone lucht, hoe het invloed heeft op uw bedrijf en oplossingen over stofgerelateerde problemen op de werkplek, kunt u zich hier abonneren op onze nieuwsbrief.


Als u een gesprek wenst over uw behoeften op het gebied van schone lucht, kunt u dit formulier invullen. Vervolgens zal één van onze vertegenwoordigers u terugbellen.

Industrial air cleaner flying with a balloon over a clean mountain landscape

Our industrial air cleaners

Tailor-made to fit every business and situation – read on.

Air cleaning units for you

Our industrial air cleaning units filter dust and other airborne particles before they are inhaled or settle on products and machinery. And because we understand that every customer is unique and needs their own tailor-made solution, our systems are designed to be flexible and fit every situation and space.

Zehnder’s air cleaning units come with different installation options and in different sizes. We can mount them on ceilings, walls or the floor, with air inlets and outlets to fit your specific needs. Check them out, below.

Industrial air cleaners parade

A size and specification to cater for every situation

Highlights of our air cleaning systems


Plug and play


High clean air delivery rate


Programmable airflow rate
Zehnder Air cleaning system
Air cleaning experts talking about technical details in a logistics hall

Let's talk technical

Our industrial air cleaning systems provide clean air for thousands of businesses around the world. The units come in four different sizes with an air flow ranging from 2.000 m³/hour to 11.500 m³/hour. Want to get more technical? See our data sheets for details on sizes, electrical consumption, noise levels and installation options.

Air filter technology that makes us unique

Many of our air cleaning units contain more than one filter, some with a unique Flimmer filter at their heart. It’s a principle that means we can catch more dust particles of different types and sizes.

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