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The facts

Location Several locations (NL)
Sector Distribution
Dust Reduction 90 %
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With the air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we were able to reduce our cleaning, energy and maintenance costs and – even more importantly – improve the working environment for our employees.

Ronald McMurray, Facility Manager


The Ahold distribution centres supply supermarkets throughout the Netherlands with groceries.

As with all areas of the food industry, air purification is a high priority, as part of ensuring exemplary hygiene standards. A big challenge for Ahold distribution centres, however, was the busy forklift traffic and warehouses, which created a lot of dust. This would get into equipment and a significant of cleaning was needed to keep on top of things. Most important of all, however, was the effect of the dust on employes, who complained of poor-quality air and breathing problems. For Ahold, this was unacceptable.


Dust at Ahold‘s distribution centres was reduced by 90 % after the installation of air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. Employees reported a healthier, more pleasant working envi-ronment, and cleaning and maintenance – for example of the forklift vehicles – has been drastically reduced. Ahold could also cut its energy costs with the new air purifiers. This is because warm air that would previously rise to the top of a building is now blown downwards by the air cleaning systems, warming areas below.

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