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Our management people at Zehnder Clean Air Solutions all together

Our values and people

Meet the Zehnder leadership team and learn about our philosophy.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships is an important part of what we do. This means listening carefully to customers to better understand their business needs. We see ourselves as partners, not just suppliers. By getting to know you really well, we can design tailor-made air cleaning  solutions to deal with dust in any specific working environment.  

The management team of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

The people behind Clean Air Solutions

We want Zehnder Clean Air Solutions to be a great place to work – and a safe environment. We promote tolerance, collaboration, integrity, respect and trust, and as a result have built a strong and creative team that is committed to excellence. Our business provides solutions that improve how other businesses operate – and this starts with us.


We aim to make all our products and processes as efficient as possible, with the minimum of waste. Our air cleaning systems are powered by energy-efficient motors and feature smart filter technology that lasts longer than conventional filters. We also refurbish our units when we get them back. Clean air itself produces more efficiencies: it helps improve performance of existing ventilation and air conditioning systems, contributes to lower heating costs, and can help keep equipment in good working order.

Our management

Patrik Franséhn of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Patrik Franséhn

Managing Director

Clean air and a healthy work environment matter to most of us, and I am proud to lead an organisation that is passionate about helping companies across the world achieve this. At Zehnder Clean Air Sol [...]

Emanuel Kronauer of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Emanuel Kronauer

Head of Europe

We have a strong presence across Europe and what I find the most rewarding is the positive feedback we get from the businesses we work with. To know that we have helped significantly improve our custo [...]

Mikael Ahlskog of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Mikael Ahlskog

Head of Nordics

I started at Zehnder Clean Air Solutions in 2008 and can’t believe I’ve been part of this amazing business for so long – time flies when you are having fun. It’s highly motivating to work for [...]

Magnus Bladh of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Magnus Bladh

Head of Service Excellence

I have worked in the industrial air cleaning business for most of my career, and am passionate about investigating and satisfying our customers’ air quality needs. My role includes innovative proble [...]

Jonny Huvell of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Jonny Huvell

Head of Operations

I am responsible for production, purchasing and logistics, and am fortunate to work with an amazing team of hard-working and creative people. I am always looking to make our business more efficient an [...]

Join the team

At Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we are always on the lookout for talented people who share our work ethic. If you’d like to join our team, have a look at the job opportunities that are currently open.

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