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Worker in the packaging industry carrying a stack of cardboard

Industrial air cleaning in packaging production

Cut the cardboard dust – read on to learn more!

How clean air can work for you

Wherever paper and carboard are being processed and cut, there is going to be lots of dust. Keeping on top of this can seem like a full-time job, with potentially massive cleaning costs. ➥ Zehnder’s proven experience in reducing dust in the packaging industry can give you the edge in this highly competitive sector, reducing your costs and resulting in healthier, more productive workers too.

Just look at what happened when one packaging company, Tillmann Verpackungen in Germany, began working with us. After installing our ➥ air cleaning units in their factory, absenteeism went down by 50 %.

Clean air in the workplace – The benefits

70 % reduced cleaning costs

You can get rid of dust through expensive cleaning contracts, or you can save time and money with one of our many air cleaning solutions

Less equipment maintenance

Clean air helps to prolong the life of valuable machinery, reducing maintenance and downtime as well as cleaning costs.

50 % healthier & more motivated employees

With clean air at work you're doing your best to keep employees healthy and thus more productive too.

Stand apart from competition

Companies which turn to our proven expertise see improvements in productivity, efficiency and reputation.

Improved corporate image

Remove dust before it settles – and project a spotless image to employees, customers and visitors too.

Better quality products

Clean air helps keep dust off your products and ensure quality printing in this highly competitive sector.

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