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PM1 dust – tiny particles, huge dangers: the dangers of dust exposure

Dust particles are all around us

Dust particles or particulate matter (PM) are in the air all around us – sometimes we can see them, sometimes we can’t, and the smaller and less perceptible they are, the longer they can stay in the air. The longer they stay in the air, the more likely your employees are to breathe it in.

And when they breathe it in there can be serious consequences.

What are PM1 particles – and how do they affect employees?

The dust that gets into your lungs is called ‘respirable dust’. It includes all particles with a width between 1 and 2.5 micrometers. These are known as PM1 and PM2.5. PM1 dust is particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of under 2.5 micrometer, and is extremely dangerous because the human body can absorb the particles in the lungs and bloodstream.

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What does this mean for your business?

Beyond the human impact and the health issues associated with the dangers of dust, PM1 can lead to higher absenteeism, higher employee turnover, and lower productivity – all of which will affect your company in the long term. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent it from getting out of hand – and into your employees’ lungs.

PM1 isn’t as widely monitored as PM2.5. But if you’re exposed to significant quantities of dust, you may be affected by it. Consequently, the longer you and your employees breathe it in, the worse the dangers of dust become. Deep breathing pulls air pollutants faster and further into the lungs. These effects can:

  • include cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as fine particles produce oxidative stress on the human body and can penetrate tissues that larger particles can’t;
  • negatively impact brain function, as ultra-fine particles can access the blood circulation more easily when they’re deposited deep into the lungs.

At Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we tackle dust at the source

Our clean air systems have been proven to dramatically reduce dust particles by up to 90 %:, ensuring that PM1 particles are taken out of the air before you and your employees have a chance to breathe them in. Now ask yourself: can your business really afford to live without the right air cleaning solution?

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