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Breathe easy with industrial air filter systems

Our tailor-made air filter systems are transforming working environments and improving the health of people and performance of businesses everywhere.
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Air purifier systems will transform your business for the better

Employee health and safetyGood indoor air quality can result in more productivity, fewer complaints, and decreased employee turnover. A clean, dust-free environment also makes it easier to comply with regulations.
Reduced costsClean air can reduce cleaning requirements by 70 % or more. Meanwhile employees can focus on your core business instead of keeping things clean.
Less maintenanceDust gets into machinery and affects the accuracy of sensors. All this means more frequent maintenance, and even breakdowns. Clean air at work can cut downtime by 30 % or more, saving you time and money.
Exceed customer expectationsBy investing in an air filter system, you are providing your customers with a first-class service: whether it’s consistently hitting those all-important deadlines or delivering fresh and clean-looking products that are free from dust contamination.
Improved corporate imageIn a competitive business environment, high standards at work will go a long way toward getting you noticed. A clean, healthy working environment will help attract the best employees, and even new business too.
Next-level efficiencyCompanies take advantage of our proven expertise see improvements in productivity, with employees more motivated by a healthier, cleaner workplace. There is also reduced downtime because dust is not clogging up equipment.

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* The savings amount is made up of the savings potential for the cleaning service. Save up to 40% of cleaning costs with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

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Our industrial air purifiers

Boost your business with an air filter system

Don’t let dust get in the way of your business. Our industrial air purifiers filter dust from the air before your staff breathe it in or it settles on your products and equipment. Our solutions ensure happier and healthier workers, as well as improved productivity.

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Clean air in action

With extremely flexible systems capable of using hundreds of different filter combinations, our industrial air purifier systems will tackle air pollution in any sector.

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Warehouses & Distribution Centers
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Food & Drink
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Metal Fabrication
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Powder Coating & Chemicals
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Plastics & Rubber
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Building Supplies
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Medical & Pharma
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Case studies

What our customers say

We work with many different companies around the world. Read what they have to say.

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"I was impressed that the results were visible immediately after commissioning the air cleaning devices. It’s as if we are now seeing everything in high definition. Not only that, but the employees seem to feel cleaner and enjoy their work more."

Benjamin Kalle, Head of System Freight, DB Schenker
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