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Viruses indoors – the problem 

The more people that are gathered together in an indoor space, the higher the chances of spreading airborne germs, including Coronavirus. And the more time you spend in that space increases the likelihood of infection like COVID-19 too. Natural ventilation helps reduce the risk, but that’s not always possible. Some places, such as theatres and cinemas, won’t have windows. And what to do if it’s winter and freezing outside?

How viruses spread

  • Viruses, inlcuding SARS-CoV-2, spread in the air by hitching a ride on aerosols. One way they pass from person to person is on the aerosol droplets we produce when we cough, sneeze, speak or sing.
  • Viruses need to be present in a certain quantity to cause infection. Outdoors, where fresh air heavily dilutes aerosols, the risk of infection is much lower than indoors.
  • WHO states that in indoor environments, without much air movement and space to disperse them, tiny aerosols stay suspended in the air over long distances and time, increasing the risk of infection.
  • Viruses which are no longer suspended in the air fall down on to surfaces, creating another infection risk.

Who viruses affect

From schools, universities and the workplace to indoor sports and other indoor venues like theatres and cinemas. From supermarkets and airports, to bars, clubs and restaurants – life has to go on. Social distancing, face masks and hand washing help to some extent, but is that enough?

Viruses will always be with us, but how best to protect people and their lives?

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Start with clean, germ-free air

Our solution delivers clean, germ-free air by removing virus sized particles, including Corona, from the air. Our filters are certified to capture 99.995% of viruses, providing a protection where natural ventilation is not possible.

Virus shield – Your feel safe solution

Our virus air purifier "Virus Shield" consists of a unique filter combination: the Flimmer filter extracts most indoor air pollution, while a HEPA 14 filter catches any tiny microorganisms, including viruses, which might have got away. Our high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have been proven time and again in environments where high hygiene standards are essential.

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