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The facts

Location Dottikon (CH)
Sector Plastic industry
Dust Reduction Up to 80 %
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We are very satisfied with the implementation by the Clean Air Solutions team. Even though I was sceptical at first, today I am glad that I agreed to the project. We have reached our common goal and today we manufacture under clean room class ISO 8 conditions. Normally such a hall conversion requires seven-digit expenditures. With the air purifiers by Zehnder we spent much less than that. Thank you!

Dr. Fridolin Fischer, Managing Director


While FOLIEN FISCHER AG manufactures their special innovative product range, the processes led to a persistent and worrying problem; a smoky haze developed in the manufacturing halls. The existing ventilation system was unable to handle this and the result was not only a visible cloud of haze but also led to general air quality concerns on the part of Dr. Fridolin Fischer.


The result of installation of Zehnder air purifiers is quite remarkable: The air in the halls did not simply become clean. The solution is so successful that Folien Fischer AG today manufactures under an air quality of clean room class ISO 8.

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