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Bischof Lagerhaus AG

The facts

Location Sennwald (CH), Feldkirch (AT)
Sector Food logistics
Dust Reduction Up to 90 %
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Since 2016, we have been enjoying clean air at our location in Sennwald. The air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have exceeded of our expectations. We were so impressed that we have in the meantime equipped our headquarters in Austria and two new drying halls in Sennwald with them. Our employees are also satisfied. Because they say: The difference can be clearly felt!

Otto Bischof, founder and managing director


For a logistics company such as Bischof Lagerhaus AG, dust is a challenge that is integral to their work. Wherever people move about, machines operate and goods are moved, pollutant particles occur. This cannot be prevented. 

However, what can be prevented are the problems resulting from this dust: Dust reduces the service life and reliability of both systems and vehicles, is harmful to the health of employees and complicates the cleaning of the warehouses.


Reduced costs, less cleaning effort and healthier employees – these are the benefits we have achieved for Bischof Lagerhaus AG. At the same time, even though it may sound too good to be true: with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the logistics company was able to reduce the particle concentration in its warehouses by around 90 %. And the result? Today, the company staff breathe fresh air, the goods remain dust-free and the service life of deployed machines benefits as well.

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