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GXO: Compliance made easy with clean air

The facts

Location Venray (NL)
Sector Reverse logistics
Dust Reduction Up to 67 %
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Thanks to the air purifiers, we now enjoy a pleasant working environment. This is very important for our employees, who work extremely hard. I would definitely recommend that others use Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

Richard Quick, Site Manager


The Venray site in the Netherlands specialises in the repair, recycling and disposal of printers and toner cartridges. The site has Weelabex certification, which is required in Europe for recycling electronic products. In order to continue meeting the Weelabex requirements in the future and improve the environment for employees, GXO wanted to significantly reduce the amount of dust in its workplace. But, as is often the case with warehouses, dust levels at GXO were extremely high, settling on boxes and, in some cases, making it difficult to breathe.


With the help of the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the dust level has been reduced by 67 %. This has allowed GXO to create a clean, pleasant working environment for its employees, who now feel much more comfortable. The effect is also clearly visible: boxes in the warehouse are also less dusty, making handling them much easier. What’s more, cleaning costs have been significantly reduced thanks to the air purifiers. Cleaning now takes place once a week instead of every day.

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