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The facts

Location Lochem (NL)
Sector Sheet metal working
Dust Reduction Up to 75 %
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We completely trusted Zehnder Clean Air Solutions even before our air purifiers were installed. We had noticed their air cleaning systems at one of our suppliers in Germany, who was very pleased with the results. It’s exactly the same for us: the numbers are very impressive.

Maarten Broersma, QSHE Manager


Employee welfare is very important to Wila, so the company was always on the look-out for ways to improve the health of its workers. One area it was particularly keen to address was air quality. Staff were reporting health problems as a result of metal dust in some areas, and breathing in unpleasant, potentially harmful vapour where the milling took place.


There were impressive air quality readings following the installation of Zehnder’s air purifiers: up to an 84 % reduction in harmful vapour and air pollution. The staff noticed a significant improvement in air quality, too, as did suppliers when they visited the site.

Health complaints as a result of dust and vapour have also significantly reduced, leading to a greater sense of job satisfaction among Wila’s workers. It’s the basis for more motivation and ultimately productivity – an excellent recipe for maintaining market leadership.

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