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Verkade Cookie Factory

The facts

Location Zaandam (NL)
Sector Industrial bakery
Dust Reduction 79 %
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We’re so pleased about our partnership with Zehnder. Working conditions in the factory have improved significantly thanks to Zehnder’s air purifiers. And we are also saving time and costs on cleaning.

Arie Visser, Production Manager


Verkade is one of the best-known brands in the Netherlands – a long-established business that’s been producing biscuits and chocolate since 1886. The company has a large bakery in Zaandam where flour dust used to be a constant problem, particularly in the flour sifting and dough preparation areas. The dust not only created an unhealthy working environment, but also resulted
in significant cleaning costs. And despite huge investment in cleaning, the dust issue remained. 


After Zehnder installed its air cleaning units, the levels of flour dust in the factory fell by 79 %. With the workplace now cleaner and healthier, the risk of baker’s asthma has been substantially reduced and employees say they feel much more comfortable. Verkade has also significantly cut the time and money it spends on cleaning. Last but not least the company says it loves the fact that the units are so easy to install – you simply plug them in and they are ready to go – and the cost of the system can be spread over several years.

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