case study typhoo tea air cleaning in the food industry

Typhoo Tea

The facts

Location Merseyside (UK)
Sector Tea production
Dust Reduction 81 %
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The air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have exceeded all of our expectations. We would have been satisfied with 50 % less dust, but a reduction of 81 % is truly unparalleled. The difference it has made for the team is enormous.

Danny McGrail, Operations Manager


Typhoo Tea is the largest producer of tea in the United Kingdom. The company is highly committed to the well-being of its employees. However, at some point, the fine dust produced during the process of mixing tea began to affect the health of the workforce. Breathing became difficult for the employees, and it was also uncomfortably warm. Dust from the mixing hall also spread to other areas of the facilities, resulting in high cleaning requirements of up to 15 hours a week. Typhoo management set itself the task of finding an optimum solution for air cleaning within the food industry.


After installing the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the effect was immediately apparent. Dust levels in the mixing hall dropped by 81 %. The air is much cleaner now, the employees feel noticeably better and the entire working environment is healthier. Cleaning requirements have been reduced from 15 hours per week to 5, saving the company valuable time and money. On top of that, the air cleaning devices also provide beneficial air circulation, making the uncomfortable heat in the workplace disappear.

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typhoo tea air cleaning in the food industry