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case study tillmann packaging

Tillmann Packaging

The facts

Location Mühlheim (DE)
Sector Packaging, wholesale
Dust Reduction Up to 79 %
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Thanks to the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, sick leave taken due to colds and respiratory illnesses has been cut in half.

Peter Tillmann, Owner and Managing Director


Tillmann Verpackungen GmbH develops and produces a wide variety of packaging, from standard packaging to customer-specific special packaging. The centre of activities is a large hall in which corrugated board is processed. A huge amount of dust was created, causing cloudy air by at least the afternoon and requiring a significant amount of cleaning. This is because the dust deposits impaired the functionality of the machines, led to downtime and shortened the service life of the systems. In addition, staff also suffered from the stale air, which often led to respiratory issues. As people are the focus at Tillmann Verpackungen, it was important for the managers to find an effective solution for air cleaning in the production process.


No sooner had the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions been put into operation did visibility continue to stay clear throughout the afternoon. Since then, the amount of sick leave taken due to respiratory illnesses and colds has been cut in half. The amount of cleaning required has been reduced by roughly 15 hours per week. In addition, the dust build-up on the machines has been minimised, thus extending the service life of the machines. Maintenance and downtime have also been reduced. At the same time, the working environment has become significantly more presentable – as was positively reflected in the company’s annual ISO 9001 certification audit.

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case study tillmann verpackungen