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Location Alkmaar (NL)
Sector Technical wholesale
Dust Reduction n/a
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The results of the Zehnder Clean Air Solutions air cleaning systems were noticeable right after installation. The air smelled a lot fresher: there was less cardboard dust in the air. The employees now work in a healthier environment.

Grietzen van den Berg, Technical Affairs Coordinator


Solar Nederland is one of the largest suppliers of technical materials for companies in the electrical, heating, sanitation and ventilation. In order to process the large volume of orders quickly and precisely, Solar uses an automated order picking system and several box-folding machines. The constant movement of people and products creates a lot of dust, as well as the cardboard boxes. The dust would typically spread through the entire warehouse at lightning speed, creating a polluted working environment and an increased risk of equipment failure. More importantly, it posed a health hazard to the employees in the warehouse.


Thanks to the air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the concentration of fine dust in the warehouse has been significantly reduced. As a result, employees enjoy a healthier working environment. Being able to capture the dust particles early means fewer technical faults and less cleaning and maintenance for the box-folding machines. This helps prevent additional costs to the company.

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