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Ruetschi Technology

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Location Muntelier (CH)
Sector Medical technology
Dust Reduction 90 %
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After we installed the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the air quality was unrecognisable and we got amazing feedback from our staff. We were totally wowed!

Thomas Trüssel, Production Manager


Ruetschi Technology AG is one of Switzerland’s leading manufacturers of premium implants and medical instruments, a sector that upholds rigorous quality standards and is subject to strict legal requirements. The biggest challenge that Ruetschi was facing came in the form of oil particles that were being deposited on tools, machines, work benches and so on in certain production areas. This was creating a visible oil mist in these areas and leaving a film of oil on the equipment, which then had to be removed manually – adding an extra task that was very different from the specialist work being performed and was undermining morale among the highly skilled workforce. The high concentration of particles was also having a negative impact on process efficiency.


The air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have completely removed the oil mist. There is no longer any need to remove the film of oil manually, leaving employees free to focus on their core skills. The air has also been made significantly cleaner – another benefit for the workforce.

Not only this, but the air cleaning devices provide effective protection for the company’s investments by preventing the high-tech machinery and systems being compromised by oil particles. The flawlessly clean environment means that Ruetschi Technology is in a strong position to accommodate the increasingly strict requirements being imposed by regulatory authorities – making it extremely well equipped for the future.

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