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POLYTEC Car Styling

The facts

Location Hörsching (AT)
Sector Automotive supplier
Dust Reduction Up to 85 %
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Thanks to the air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, dust hasn’t got a chance in our company, and it hasn’t had a chance for a long time. The air cleaning devices have been doing their job reliably for years now.

Horst Kolar, Head of Maintenance


POLYTEC Car Styling GmbH supplies genuine plastic accessories to renowned car brands world-wide. The company owes its success to a number of factors, such as its excellent performance in production processes like painting and polishing. But all of these activities lead to a large amount of dust build-up, which was visible from a distance and settled on the freshly painted and polished products. Products containing dust had to be reworked, which reduced productivity and jeop-ardised the company’s high quality standards. One possible solution was an air cleaning device for the automotive industry.


At POLYTEC, air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have reduced particles by up to 85%, ensuring cleaner, clearer air. This has spared the company extensive cleaning work in the work areas and has prevented dust from becoming embedded in the painted objects. It is no longer necessary to rework prod-ucts containing dust through repeated sanding and painting, for example. This results in more efficient work processes, assurance of high quality standards and ultimately satisfied customers thanks to the excellent product quality.

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