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LK Pex

The facts

Location Ulricehamn (SE)
Sector Pipe manufacturing
Dust Reduction Up to 88 %
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Zehnder’s air purifiers have helped us create a positive, healthy working environment where employees are happy and productive. This allows us to focus more on our further development and the future of our company.

Kim Klesell, Head of Building Technology and Working Environment


For LK Pex, employee health and wellbeing has always been a huge priority. But the nature of the pipe manufacturing process means the company will always produce a large amount of harmful air pollution on its factory floor, if it is not dealt with correctly. Despite significant investment in cleaning and filter replacements, the current ventilation system was not working well enough. As a result, LK Pex began to look for an alternative solution that would be better for its workforce.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions installed its air cleaning system in just two days. Now, at peak times, particle pollution has reduced by up to 88 %. The rate of dust-related complaints from employees (red eyes, rashes and other skin irritation) has dropped to almost zero. There are less sickness-related absences, lower staff turnover and higher productivity. On top of this, cleaning costs have significantly reduced, with LK Pex now only needing to clean the factory three times a year instead of every month. The clean air helps maintain a consistent product quality, minimises waste and ultimately benefits the company’s reputation.

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