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The facts

Location Huenfeld-Michelsrombach (DE)
Sector Industrial laundry service
Dust Reduction Up to 78%
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The innovative air cleaning devices will make us even more competitive in our laundry centre. It is also easier for us to meet our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. After all, cleanliness is our business.

Frank Kruppert, Managing Director


Kruppert Wäsche-Dienst KG operates a laundry rental service for hotels and restaurants. The company also has an industrial laundry centre, which processes roughly 30 tonnes of laundry every day. That posed a challenge for air cleaning. Cotton particles detach in the flatwork ironers and during the drying process, building up on machines and around the room. You could also practically taste the cotton particles in the air, which had a negative impact on both employees and the many visitors to the facility. To meet the high hygiene standards, the flatwork ironers had to be cleaned 2 hours before the start of the official production process.


The air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions significantly reduced particle concentration. The amount of cleaning required could be reduced by 60 %, a considerable saving in terms of time and costs. The health and well-being of the workforce also benefited from the solution, increasing employee satisfaction. The new level of cleanliness ensured an impeccable appearance, a crucial bonus point for the image of the industrial laundry centre. This is because Kruppert acts as a model company for manufacturers of flatwork ironers and often serves as the venue for tours.

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