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Huf UK

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Location Tipton (UK)
Sector Automotive
Dust Reduction Up to 80 %
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The improvement in the air quality wasimmediate thanks to Zehnder‘s air purifiers, and was far more comprehensive than we had imagined. I was surprised and very impressed.

Peter Gwilt, Plastics and Assembly Manager


In the automotive industry, it is important to produce high-quality products at competitive prices, and to be able to do it quickly. But at Huf, an ongoing problem with dust getting into finished products was making this ambition hard to achieve. Any part, for example, that showed signs of dust under the paintwork, did not meet Huf's strict quality standards and had to be disposed of. This delayed production and caused unnecessary costs. The management was also determined to create a healthier working environment for all of its employees, which also meant reducing dust. The key to solving the problem lay in an air cleaning system designed specifically for the automotive industry.


Air cleaners from Zehnder have dramatically reduced the dust on painted components and in doing so improved efficiency. Existing dust extraction systems now need to be maintained far less frequently, and additional daily cleaning is no longer necessary. This has led to significant cost savings that have markedly increased the company's competitiveness.

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