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The facts

Location York (USA)
Sector Third party logistics
Dust Reduction 80 %
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Our mission is to use innovative technologies. The installation of the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has helped us enormously and gives us a competitive edge.

Mark Franke, Senior Director in Engineering & Maintenance


Maximum cleanliness is the top priority here in order to satisfy customers and pass audits by the authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However the high level of dust in the distribution centre led to enormous cleaning costs and massive, costly wear and tear on the equipment. ES3 also wanted to reduce dust to provide a more healthy environment for employees, which often exceed FDA requirements.


With the installation of air cleaners from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the amount of dust in the distribution centre was reduced by 80 %. This has led to very high customer satisfaction, as the goods are delivered in flawless condition. In addition, safety and hygiene have been significantly improved – a must in the food industry. Cleaning is carried out less frequently than before and the machinery needs less maintenance. It all adds up to significant costs savings and a healthier, cleaner working environment.

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