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DB Schenker

The facts

Location Dortmund (DE)
Sector Transport & logistics
Dust Reduction Up to 87 %
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I was impressed that the results were visible immediately after commissioning the air cleaning devices. It’s as if we are now seeing everything in high definition. Not only that, but the employees seem to feel cleaner and enjoy their work more.

Benjamin Kalle, Head of System Freight


DB Schenker in Dortmund is one of this successful global player’s largest facilities and specialises in contract logistics and transport services. As with any logistics location, enormous quantities of fine and coarse particulate matter are produced here every day and distributed throughout the space. The main sources are due to abrasion of the fork-lift wheels, people coming and going and indus-trial trucks driving around. The consequences of this torrent of particles were already evident in everyday occurrences: “Whenever employees would blow their noses, the tissues were black. Above all, however, the dust affected safety, employee health, the quality of the goods and the overall condition of the halls. To counteract this, a solution for air cleaning in logistics was required.


After the commissioning of the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the results were instantly visible and tangible. Thanks to the clean, particulate-free air, employees can now breathe deeply, feel healthier and enjoy their work more. Safety has also increased dramatically, as dust no longer obscures the view, causes slipping on the floor or impairs the electronic systems. The amount of cleaning and maintenance required has been signifi-cantly reduced, representing consider-able savings in terms of both time and cost. The clean air is also like a marketing tool in itself: even customers noticed the impeccable appearance of the clean facility thanks to Zehnder.

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