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The facts

Location Oulu (FI)
Sector Textile services
Dust Reduction 88 %
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We would highly recommend Zehnder's air cleaning systems to any business facing similar dust issues.

Heikki Bolszak, Maintenance and Servicing


Comforta Oy is an industrial laundry for hotels, restaurants and hospitals and handles about 10,000 kg of textiles every day.

This activity generated enormous amounts of dust: when the fabrics are unpacked, fine fibres and fluff, which is difficult to see with the naked eye, were getting into the air. These tiny particles were settling everywhere, affecting the speed and efficiency of the machines and resulting in high cleaning costs. In addition, employees were frequently suffering from flu-like symptoms caused by the excessive amount of dust in the factory.


Within one year, the dust quantity in the factory was reduced by 88 % through using Zehnder's industrial air cleaners. The now resulting clean air means more efficient, speedier processes and makes the work easier. The air quality has improved so much that employees suffer less frequently from coughs and colds. The effort and thus the cost of cleaning has also significantly reduced.

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case study comforta