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CHI Cargo Handling

The facts

Location Frankfurt am Main (DE)
Sector Freight handling
Dust Reduction Up to 76 %
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When maintenance was performed on the air cleaning devices, almost 70 kilograms of dust were removed – 70 kilograms that is no longer affecting the lungs of the staff.

Adriano Fries, Technical Manager


CHI Deutschland has been specialising in freight handling for over 20 years. Its portfolio ranges from trucking and air freight security right the way up to check-in services for cargo and airlines.

Optimal working conditions and the safety of employees are of great importance to this logistics company. However, the huge volume of goods being moved caused high levels of dust to occur, which had a negative impact on the health and well-being of the workforce. Furthermore, the build-up of dust was affecting the function and accuracy of the biometric sensors in the systems. The increasingly rigorous audits and tightened regulations posed yet another challenge for the logistics company, which required a high degree of cleanliness. Last but not least, the abundance of particles affected the appearance of the hall.


Efficient air cleaning in logistics offers many advantages. This can be seen at CHI Cargo each and every day. Thanks to the air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, employees can now breathe easier and feel more comfortable. The amount of sick leave among employees has been significantly reduced.

Another positive effect is the reduction in the amount of cleaning required: Now the systems and equipment only need to be cleaned every 3 to 4 days instead of daily as was the case before. The dust-free halls now have an impeccable appearance, serving to greatly enhance the image of the company.

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