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The facts

Location Rockland, MA (USA)
Sector Energy recovery
Dust Reduction Up to 65 %
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The improvement brought about by the air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has been enormous. Our dust meters indicated an immediate dust reduction of 55 % on average and 65 % at peak times.

David Kirk, Vice President and COO


Airxchange manufactures ventilation and energy recovery products used in heating and air conditioning systems.

Maintaining good air quality when you are working with metal can be demanding. Airxchange was no exception, with “natural” dust posing a major challenge. In the parts of the factory where energy recovery systems are built, dust was generated by the machines and the general production process, as well as coming into the building with deliveries and through open doors. This translated into costly maintenance of the precision machinery, frequent filter replacements for the heating and air conditioning, and additional labour for cleaning.


After installing air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, Airxchange saw an immediate return on its investment. It was possible to cut dust by up to 65 %, reducing the amount of cleaning by 90 %, and also the time spent maintaining machinery. Significantly fewer filter replacements are now needed for the heating and air conditioning equipment, as well as for the existing dust collection systems. This is saving the company approximately $5,000 US per year. In addition, the employees say they are delighted by the noticeable improvement in air quality.

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