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HEPA air filters: the secret to healthier air in the workplace

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Air purifiers with HEPA filters, filter up to 99.995 % of viruses and germs – creating healthier air in the workplace and making your business a better place to be.

How an air purifier with HEPA filters makes a difference to your business

Keeping staff healthy

Those sneaky viruses get around by attaching themselves to pollen or dust in the air. So if there’s a bug about, everyone’s going to get it – even if they keep a safe distance. An air purifier armed with HEPA filters cleans the air to minimise this risk by 99.995 % to keep everyone healthier.

Showing your employees you care

Health at work is a top priority for employers, and investing in virus-free air is a powerful way to show you’re committed to supporting your staff. Any candidate will instantly feel welcome in a healthy working environment – and your current staff will breathe easier knowing they’re taken care of.

Reducing sick days

It doesn't matter whether it's a winter cold or summer sickness bug – an illness is always waiting in the wings to take down your team. HEPA filters fight the germs to prepare you for the next wave of illness, helping to keep sick leave to a minimum, keep productivity high and customers happy.

HEPA filtered air purifiers: The Zehnder advantage

Hohe Clean Air Delivery Rate

Air purifiers with HEPA 14 filters clean large amounts of air per hour to provide even greater protection. And what’s more, an air purifier with HEPA filters from Zehnder is designed to complement your existing ventilation system – creating the most efficient, safest filter combination for your requirements.

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Easy plug-and-play installation

Our plug-and-play installation couldn’t be simpler – just plug in the HEPA filtered air purifier and start breathing cleaner air. We’ll consult with you to find the best location to fit your unit for the most protection. With our flexible mounting options, this could be the floor, the wall or even the ceiling.

Ultimate energy efficiency

HEPA filters focus on viruses, so they combine well with other filters with different capabilities. This creates an energy efficient system, minimising waste by letting each filter focus on what it does best. 

On top of this, Zehnder purifiers use extremely energy efficient motors – and we’ll adjust the capabilities of your air purifier to meet your needs.

Who benefits from HEPA 14 air purifiers?

The simple answer to this question is… everyone! All workplaces will benefit from healthier air, but as air purifiers with HEPA filters reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, they’re ideal for crowded spaces with restricted ventilation. Examples include:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools, universities and other educational settings
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Sports centres
  • Airports

Did you know… more than 99 % of infections happen indoors?

Once upon a time, humans spent most of their time outdoors – but in today’s busy, increasingly online world, we’re spending more of our time indoors in closed rooms. This is exactly the sort of environment where pathogens and viruses spread more rapidly, so it’s increasingly likely we’ll go to bed with a sort throat or wake up with a stuffy nose. When the great outdoors isn’t an option, we can rely on a HEPA filtered air purifiers to create our own clean air.

How do viruses spread anyway?

Through the air

Whenever we speak, sneeze, cough or sing (no-one can say they’ve never had a workplace singalong), we produce small aerosol droplets. These are a virus‘ favourite means of transport, in which they jump on board to spread from person to person.

Without a draught.

When there’s no fresh air to blow them away, virus particles just float around – sometimes for hours. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) warns of a higher risk of infection indoors

Over surfaces

It doesn't matter whether it's a table, door handles, shelf, keyboard or any other work equipment viruses can settle on any type of surface, just waiting for the next person who touches it. 

Take your first step to virus-free air

Get in touch to talk about Zehnder’s clean-air solutions – including HEPA 14 filtered air purifiers. We are here to help your business breathe easier and stay healthy.

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