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Cut your commercial cleaning costs with industrial air purification

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Success story

How DB Schenker cut their contract cleaning costs

Leading logistics operator DB Schenker counts on Zehnder Clean Air Solutions to keep several of their global facilities clean and safe. The air purification has significantly reduced the amount of commercial cleaning required. Dust-related wear to machinery has been minimised, so they break down less often and remain in service for longer.

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"What particularly surprised us was the positive feedback from employees on how the air quality had improved. We have
less cleaning to do and the devices last longer."

Martin Witt, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, DB Schenker

Are dusty logistics facilities inevitable?

Wherever there is a logistics operation, dust is sure to follow. It’s a natural byproduct of everyday activities like vehicles coming and going, people moving boxes or pallets and machinery operating. It can feel like the dust is materialising out of thin air – often faster than companies have time to clean it.

Commercial cleaning can be expensive, and it’s not long before the dust reappears and settles on any available surface – including goods and machinery. It’s not safe to inhale, it causes machinery to break down, and it presents a bad image to customers.

If your facility relies on contract cleaning without addressing dust accumulation, it’s losing money that it doesn’t have to. Implementing an industrial air cleaning solution can cut the costs and frequency of cleaning your facility.

What causes dust in the logistics sector?

This overview below helps you find out where the dust in your facility might be coming from.

clean air solutions causes of dust formation
Carboard boxes and pallets

Tasks like cutting, packing and transporting cardboard boxes and moving wooden pallets generate more dust than you might realise, especially if they’re carried out in a rush. Similarly, the assembly of cardboard boxes for packing or display purposes – like to display products in a supermarket – is a huge dust generator that makes commercial cleaning costs skyrocket.


When in motion, a forklift’s wheels rub against the floor. This abrasive motion generates a lot of dust, which is then blown into the air. Once the dust is airborne, the forklift engines suck it in, similar to a cyclone vacuum cleaner, and distribute it around the facility.

Dock doors

Every time your workers open and close your facility’s dock doors, they are letting in dust and dirt from outside. What’s more, when trucks stop outside, their harmful emissions can get blown into your logistics facility, posing a risk to employee health as well as cleanliness.

What does this mean for your logistics business?

Dust is bad for business. It increases your commercial cleaning costs – but that’s just the beginning. Operating a facility with unclean air can have a host of effects on a business, many of which you may not even have considered.

The implications for your business
  • Unnecessary contract cleaning costs and staff distracted from their actual tasks
  • Less-motivated employees and increased absenteeism
  • Increased maintenance costs as dust get into machinery
  • Customers more likely to reject products
  • A bad reputation – customers and potential employees could start looking elsewhere
financial benefits of clean air

How you save money with industrial air cleaning

Check out the average financial benefits of installing an industrial air cleaning solution:

30 %Reduced maintenance
50 %Reduced sick leave
70 %Reduced cleaning costs
10 %Reduced downtime
30 %Reduced heating costs
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Industrial air purification

The key to driving down contract cleaning costs

At Zehnder, we understand that every facility has unique requirements, and we design a solution in partnership with every customer. From small facilities to the world’s largest, from fine industrial dust to the everyday stuff, we have a range of air purifiers that can do the job.

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