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Service manager in a clean warehouse

Our clean air service

How we work and what you can expect – learn more.

Our clean air philosophy

Industrial workplace air quality is a hugely important issue and we approach it with the seriousness it deserves. We listen carefully to your needs. And we measure dust levels in your facility before and after installing our units.

This way we can design a solution to best improve the air quality at your site – and you can be confident it works. Improving air quality at work is not only good for employees’ health, but good for business too.

 We’re the largest air cleaning company in the world because we understand your clean air needs. 

Your individual clean air solution

Our customers are our first priority. We find out what matters to your business – and will provide an analysis of the problem and a comprehensive plan for a solution. We want to make the process as easy as possible, so can be flexible when we visit: we can even come at weekends if necessary.

All you need for clean air is...


A 230 V power supply


Lifting equipment such as a forklift


A ceiling, wall or floor space for your units
Zehnder employee making a dust measurement in a hall

Expert service and years of experience

Our Technical Support Services Team process and analyse air quality measurements from 2,500 customers per year across Europe and the USA. We have been doing this for decades, so you can be sure we’ll recommend the best solution for you. We’ll also show the results we have measured – just to prove it works.

Zehnder employee evaluating a dust measurement in the office

Getting to know your clean air needs

We provide more than just a product. We see working with you as the beginning of a partnership. Every air cleaning installation is individual, and we pride ourselves on adding the personal touch. As your company grows or changes, we’ll be there for you – ensuring clean indoor air for your business at all times.

Dust particles in different sizes

Every company is affected by dust in different ways with particles being a potential danger to employees’ health and machinery.

Industrial air cleaner flying with a balloon over a clean mountain landscape

The secret of our air cleaning units

Zehnder’s air cleaning units are one of the reasons we have thousands of satisfied customers around the world. So what makes them so special?