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What's on your corporate resolutions list for 2016?

The beginning of a new year is a perfect opportunity for a company to take full stock of its strengths and weaknesses; to leave what hasn’t quite been working in the past, and to build on the good work that’s already been done.

Whether you’re looking for ways to gain more customers, increase profits, or simply make the working environment a more pleasant place for employees, it’s always worth taking some time to re-evaluate your business and set targets for the next twelve months. Sometimes the best opportunities for improvement aren’t the most obvious.

Air cleaning systems might not be something you’ve ever considered (or even heard of), but implementing this technology can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. Here’s how cleaner air can help your company keep its corporate resolutions in 2016 – and beyond

Want to reduce costs?

There’s a significant chance that your company is spending more on cleaning than it needs to, e.g. to ensure that your goods reach your customers clean and on time. Add to this regular site inspections and quality control checks and you are under even more pressure to keep your equipment and your workplace clean.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions can address this issue. According to our research, we can cut cleaning costs by up to 70% without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness.

Want to increase productivity?

With cleaner air you can boost productivity as you cut costs. With fewer process interruptions, your equipment won’t have to be switched off to undergo time consuming cleaning processes.  

Because machines won’t need to be maintained as often, the simple act of installing an air cleaning system can reduce equipment downtime by up to 10% and cut maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Want to reduce employee absence?

A cleaner work environment can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction resulting in reduced levels of employee absenteeism and improved staff productivity. Filtered air can reduce sick days by up to 40% leading to a healthier, happier and more efficient workforce.

The evidence is clear: a cleaner working environment gives your company the best chance of keeping its 2016 corporate resolutions.


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Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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