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Extend the lifetime of your forklifts

Given how hard forklifts are worked, it’s hardly surprising how much dust and dirt they absorb from floors and surrounding areas.

Keeping warehouses clean is everybody’s goal, but small dust particles can escape notice and seriously affect the service life of your working equipment.

Dust in the air

Engine wear, oil contamination or problems of electronical gear are some of the mechanical issues that can considerably reduce the performance of forklifts. Another important factor to consider is how, when in motion, the forklifts’ fast moving engine parts spread dust, creating a cyclone effect that scatters the particles into the air. These dust particles are easily absorbed by another piece of equipment and ultimately increase the need for machine maintenance, which in turn decreases production efficiency and reduces your profit margins.

Conventional countermeasures such as air intake systems, cyclone air filters and engine protecting plates are a good start, however they will not fight the dust at source.

Improve your equipments lifespan

A big cost of dust is that it blocks engines, wearing them down fast and frequently, requiring regular replacement or repair work. This often results in downtime which can disrupt production and affect your customer relationships. This is expensive to manage and can be avoided.

Installing industrial air purification systems will reduce dust particles in a workplace by up to 90 %. A clean site does not only mean that your forklifts will work better for longer; it will also considerably cut your cleaning costs and contribute to achieving higher profit margins.

The benefits of industrial air cleaning

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions will help your equipment run smoothly and reliably, reducing your maintenance requirements by up to 30 %. Minimizing your operating costs, you may concentrate on processes and productivity. The result? Valuable competitive advantages and highly satisfied customers.

And remember, the impact of dust on oil quality affects your forklifts’ engines and can cause dangerous emissions. In addition to causing production downtime, these emissions can put the health of your employees at serious risk, and damage the reputation of your company.

Maintaining a clean working environment will reduce the absenteeism of your workforce by up to 40 %. A healthy workplace will help keep your staff healthy and motivated.

Discover Zehnder Clean Air Solutions and learn more about all the benefits of having a clean working environment.

Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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