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Installation of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions: Leads to Lowered Expenses and Greater Customer Satisfaction for C&S Wholesale’s Logistics Unit, ES3

Rahway, New Jersey – When the third party logistics experts at ES3 recently needed to address the challenges of maintaining cleanliness standards in the company’s 1.5 million-square-foot warehouse in York, Pennsylvania – the largest automated multi-manufacturer food warehouse in the world, serving more than 60 manufacturers – it turned to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA.

In a facility the size of ES3’s York warehouse, which sees 1,000 trucks in and out every day, keeping dust and dirt away from product and under control had become a major operational issue and expense. Weekly audits in the pallet resorting area, which is located next to an area of the warehouse where product is stored, showed a significant amount of dust, both airborne and on flat surfaces. “The dust was causing numerous problems,” says Mark Franke, Vice President, Automation Engineering & Maintenance for C&S Wholesale Grocers, parent company of ES3. “High haze levels resulted in our having to install barriers to protect the nearby food storage area from dust. As well, we were spending thousands of dollars a day on manual cleaning in that area, and experiencing excessive and costly equipment wear and tear due to the accumulation of dust on pallet jacks and forklifts.” ES3 needed a solution that would provide the level of dust removal required to create a healthier environment for employees while keeping the building food-safe and inspection-ready and meeting ES3’s high standards for cleanliness, which typically exceed FDA requirements. One of ES3’s largest clients had solved a similar environmental issue in its European facility by installing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions with great success, so ES3 reached out to Zehnder – just as the company was expanding into the U.S. “We monitored ES3’s York location for 10 days,” says Rob Matthews, Vice President of Sales and Operations for Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA, based in Rahway, New Jersey. “We confirmed the pallet and resorting area did, indeed, have high levels of dust and recommended the appropriate Zehnder solution.” Zehnder Clean Air Solutions systems were installed, along with two remote dust-monitoring sensors that provide real-time feedback. The reaction from ES3’s customers and employees was immediate and extremely positive. “Within just a few weeks of installation, we saw an eighty percent reduction of dust in that area of the warehouse,” says Franke. “Safety concerns for our employees were greatly reduced, and we were able to remove the barriers and redeploy our sanitation labor to other critical areas. We are once again experiencing a very high level of customer satisfaction with the product being delivered to them. “Our mission is to leverage innovative technology to eliminate loss and waste,” says Franke. “Clearly, installing the Zehnder Clean Air Solution helped us tremendously to do just that. To have technology nobody else has gives us a competitive edge, and we are very much looking forward to expanding our business relationship with Zehnder.” About Zehnder Clean Air Solutions Since 1994, Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has provided intelligent, efficient and economical industrial air cleaning systems that offer cost-effective control measures that resolve and reduce high concentrations of dust for numerous internationally operating companies from the most diverse industries. For more information, visit To learn more about how Zehnder Clean Air Solutions helped ES3, watch the video at

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