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Air Purification in a logistic company

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Dust reduction of up to 90%

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Reliable workflows, on-time delivery

Experience shows that our clients encounter these challenges:

Challenges: Meeting high customer expectations. Your customers want their stock to be managed perfectly. They expect first-class service, high standards and smooth handling.

Benefits: Flawless, punctual deliveries of clean goods keep the customer base happy. They also benefit your company's reputation and thereby help gain new customers.

Challenges: Rigorous certification requirements. Specific services can only be offered by fulfilling the strict requirements of external certifying bodies. Consistent compliance with these requirements adds to the workload.

Benefits: Hygiene and cleanliness ready for approval and inspection at all times, because these items are rated particularly highly in the inspection of logistics systems.

Challenges: Increasing costs, or ongoing need for cost reductions. Your customers require continual improvement in standards without increasing costs. Technology and salaries get more expensive, while their budget remains limited.

Benefits: Lower costs while maintaining standards. Improved efficiency, more effective working and less waste help to keep in line with your budget.

Challenges: Process interference. The failure of equipment, systems and the infrastructure as a result of contamination has a negative impact on the smooth running of processes and pushes up the operating costs.

Benefits: Reliable, smooth running processes without unexpected interruptions. Reduced need for emergency maintenance, cleaning and workarounds.

Challenges: Increased absenteeism. Difficult working conditions in logistics facilities lead to lower levels of job satisfaction, less productivity and more absenteeism.

Benefits: A healthy working environment reduces absenteeism and improves individuals' output. It also helps increase staff motivation and satisfaction, having a positive effect on the quality of the services provided.

Challenges: Increased demand for sustainable use of energy. Social and cost pressures as well as the rise in standards and regulations, force companies to use resources economically.

Benefits: Comply with the strict environmental requirements and save costs by using sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Challenges: Safe-guarding your corporate image. The reputation of your company plays a key role in its long-term growth. Inadequate processes and insufficient quality put it at risk.

Benefits: A reputation for satisfied customers due to reliable, clean and on-time delivery of goods. Positive inspection results and a visibly clean environment provide reassurance that your good reputation is built on fact.

Challenges: High competitive pressure. Achieving competitive advantage calls for continual improvements to the product portfolio and to operating efficiency.

Benefits: Process management that functions reliably, efficiently and smoothly increases competitiveness. It will help you strengthen your reputation and your position in the market.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions satisfies your needs

Dust is a daily and persistent problem in all kind of businesses: Ongoing processes create dust which is raised by constant movement. In addition, dust particles enter from outside. Even routinely performed building cleaning cannot solve the dust problem entirely.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions delivers value to your business:

The customer's goods are stored and delivered clean due to a significant reduction in dust particles of up to 90%. They can rely on prompt delivery, maintained by consistent & smooth running processes.

The environment meets high standards typically required by external inspectors. Hygiene and cleanliness are continuously maintained with up to 70% less effort. Dust particles, spores and gases are all reduced.

Cleaning, energy usage, absenteeism, maintenance and business interruptions are all reduced by maintaining a clean working environment. Zehnder has benchmarked cost savings in each of these areas.

Fewer process interruptions, with reductions of up to 10% in equipment downtime and 30% in maintenance, resulting from reduced contamination.

Clean filtered air reduces sick leave by up to 40%. Reducing unhealthy dust particles makes your workforce healthier and more motivated, which also improves their output and the quality of their work.

Reduced heating costs resulting from ceiling-to-floor air circulation, and low operating costs thanks to EC fan motor technology lead to an overall improvement in energy efficiency of up to 30%.

Satisfied customers, visitors and employees, efficient processes and positive inspection results are enabled by clean, natural conditions. Together these strengthen the company's image and reputation.

Reliable, on-time delivery of clean goods is enabled by reduced contamination and more efficient processes. Improved sustainability additionally boosts your competitiveness.

We calculate your saving potential; you turn it into profit.

The value of Clean Air Solutions is measurable.

The pay-back has been proven by many of our clients.


Our customers are convinced by the benefits of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

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