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Experience shows that our clients encounter these challenges:

Challenges: Maintaining hygiene levels. Constant vigilance is required to avoid dirt, mould and bacteria contaminating products and production areas.

Benefits: A clean & hygienic environment which enables you to maintain high standards and product quality.

Challenges: Rigorous regulatory and certification requirements. There are very strict requirements for food as it is such a sensitive product. Standards are regularly monitored by external certifying bodies which carry out inspections of your facilities.

Benefits: Hygiene and cleanliness ready for approval and inspection at all times, because these standards are essential in the food industry.

Challenges: Meeting high customer expectations. Your customers expect clean, good quality products. They will complain and return goods which do not meet their expectations.

Benefits: Flawless production of clean goods ensures stable product quality and durability. This results in fewer returns and complaints, and also benefits your company's reputation.

Challenges: Dealing with returns and rejects. Contaminated goods are rejected or returned. These incur processing costs, increase waste and damage future sales potential.

Benefits: Reliable, clean facilities which eliminate, or greatly reduce, the need for customers to return goods.

Challenges: Increasing costs, or ongoing need for cost reductions. Cleaning and maintaining specialist equipment, plus the hygienic handling of ingredients and products, get more expensive. Your budget remains limited and market competition increases.

Benefits: Lower costs while maintaining standards. Reducing waste, need for cleaning, and process & equipment problems caused by contamination help to keep in line with your budget.

Challenges: Increased absenteeism. Difficult working conditions in the food industry lead to lower levels of job satisfaction, less staff productivity and more absenteeism & staff turnover.

Benefits: A healthy working environment reduces absenteeism and staff turnover, and improves individuals' output. It also helps increase staff motivation, having a positive effect on quality.

Challenges: Safe-guarding your corporate image. The reputation of your company plays a key role in its long-term growth. Inadequate processes, poor hygiene and unreliable product quality put it at risk.

Benefits: A reputation for satisfied customers due to reliable, clean and hygienic goods. Positive inspection results and a visibly clean environment provide affirmatory evidence.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions satisfies your needs

Dust is a daily and persistent problem in all kind of businesses: Ongoing processes create dust which is raised by constant movement. In addition, dust particles enter from outside. Even routinely performed building cleaning cannot solve the dust problem entirely.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions delivers value to your business:

Product quality is protected because up to 90% of dust, bacteria and spores are constantly being extracted from the air.

The environment meets high standards typically required by inspectors. Hygiene and cleanliness are continuously maintained with up to 70% less effort.

Production of clean, quality products results in fewer complaints, better product durability and more satisfied customers.

Product returns are greatly reduced by cutting contamination during production. You save processing costs and wastage, and increase the likelihood of repeat purchase.

Contamination, cleaning, absenteeism, maintenance and energy usage are all reduced by maintaining a clean working environment. Zehnder has benchmarked cost savings in each of these areas.

Clean filtered air reduces sick leave by up to 40%. Reducing unhealthy dust particles makes your workforce healthier and more motivated, improving retention, output and work quality.

Satisfied customers and employees, efficient processes and positive inspection results are enabled by clean, hygienic conditions. Together these strengthen the company's image and reputation.

We calculate your saving potential; you turn it into profit.

The value of Clean Air Solutions is measurable.

The pay-back has been proven by many of our clients.

Calculation of the amount of reductions effected by Indoor air purification in the foodproduction


Our customers are convinced by the benefits of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

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