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The dangers spring brings to your warehouse: spring clean your warehouse with industrial air purification

For better or worse, the quality of indoor air is directly related to the quality of outdoor air. This outdoor air is usually at its worst in spring. Because of the season’s excess of pollen – and the process of cleaning up leftover salt, grit and gravel from winter – it can be considered the dirtiest time of year.

It’s quite likely that these airborne particles will make it into your warehouse through ventilation systems, open windows, and gaps in doors.

But why is this contaminated air so detrimental to the functioning of your warehouse and how can you address this challenge?

The dust problem

When equipment is riddled with dust, it works less efficiently: if it makes its way to a machine’s air filter, for example, a machine can overheat. Fixing this machine will entail further maintenance sessions, which will impact your overall productivity. Due to high dust volumes you might need to increase your cleaning intervals, which can be expensive. Unclean air also affects your employees’ health, which can decrease employee morale and increase absenteeism.

In addition to outdoor dust particles that can make their way into your warehouse, there are more dust sources indoors. They come in two major forms, and both cause issues in their own way. Static sources include sorting systems and forklift battery charging areas –they’re usually easy enough to identify. Dynamic sources of dust such as goods handling, unpacking and packaging systems and forforklift trucks don’t stay in one place and are therefore tougher to locate and eliminate.

What you can do

An industrial air purification system can interrupt dust and pollen’s attempt to settle in your warehouse. By significantly reducing airborne particles, you can improve employee health, minimise cleaning costs, and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.

Don’t let unfavourable spring conditions create high costs or affect your warehouse’s productivity and profitability. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions has been proven to reduce dust particles by up to 90%. With the right industrial air purification system, you can safeguard your warehouse’s air quality, your employee’s health, and your business’ overheads for the season – and for years to come.


Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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